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JB Friedman Designs


  Here at JB Friedman Designs we specialize in manufacturing and design consultation. Whether you are going commercial, private label, or just want a special design, we are experts at getting it done - saving you money and putting you on a track to meet your goals.  

   With over 25 years in the jewelry manufacturing industry we have formed relationships around the world.  We have  strong relationships with Domestic, international manufactures, findings, and supply companies with state of the art technology and systems.  From concept to drawing, drawing to design, and design to production.  We can provide you with the best possible options at the most competitive prices.

  Our objective is to share with you our knowledge enabling you to learn the business and take control of your own destiny. Your success is our goal.  Once you decide that you are ready we will step aside and give the helm. While never more than an email or  phone call away for continued support.

Some of the services we offer are:

Design consultation.  The foundation of any successful design or collection of designs is making sure that it will work from start to finish. There are many technical variables that will effect this.  Our experience and expertise is vast when it comes to heading off any issues in the very beginning.

Material sourcing: Get the best materials at the best price. from raw materials to findings our sources are yours once you come on board.

Cost analysis:  here we will provide you spread sheets that will show your costs at every step of the way, materials, prototyping, casting, setting, finishing, and more. 

Production analysis: We will make sure that the correct and most efficient production processes are used in order to assure you the best quality and the most competitive price.

Manufacturing selection, direction and supervision: From start to finish we will be there with you to help navigate through the many decisions, and negotiations to get you to where you need to be with all of your designs.

Please check out the testimonials below from some of our customers:

May 26, 2011

To Whom it May Concern,

Mr. James B. Friedman has been a valuable member of The Shear Diva, LLC creative team for our jewelry manufacturing.  His knowledge in all aspects of jewelry production has been a huge asset for The Shear Diva, LLC.  Mr. Friedman was instrumental in procuring a designer, a casting company, & multiple finishers for our recently successful launch of The Shear Diva, LLC line of custom fine Jewelry.  His good natured and friendly disposition has opened doors in establishing new business relationships for production of our jewelry line.   His attention to detail helped in eliminating potential delays in manufacturing as well as protect us from incurring unnecessary costs. 

Mr. Friedman would be a tremendous asset to any organization.  I personally highly recommend Mr. Friedman to any company seeking a trustworthy, loyal, dependable and hard working individual.


Ronald D. Wada

Owner/Managing Partner

The Shear Diva, LLC

May 26, 2011

To whom it may concern

I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with James B. Friedman for about a year.   I have nothing but praise for him and his knowledge of the jewelry industry. 

He has helped my partner and I take our ideas and visions and bring them to reality.  James has guided us through the ABC’s of the jewelry design, sourcing and manufacturing and through his contacts in the United States and abroad we were able to create a unique line of jewelry that is very well received in my field, the Beauty industry. 

His easy going personality and his great work ethics makes him a real pleasure to work with and a professional that I would gladly recommend to anyone who is in search of a jewelry consultant.

Susan Akamine

Owner/Managing Partner

The Shear Diva LLC

Erika Eberhart

Honolulu Hawaii.

I wonder why it took me so long to discover Jim Friedman?   After over 10 years of working with countless jewelers to get things repaired and redesigned, and new jewelry created, I was frustrated.  They never seemed to be able to connect with exactly what I was looking for… In 2010, a mutual friend introduced me to Jim Friedman and it was a match made in heaven!  Jim “gets it” --- I just mention what I envision and he creates it.  To date, I’ve ordered 14 karat gold earrings from him for a gift as well as a custom white and yellow gold ring.  The ring was a huge success --- I had an idea in  my mind, and when I described it to Jim, he created EXACTLY what I had envisioned.  This was so important to me because I was able to give it to the person I love as a gift, and now I am wearing one he made for me that is identical.  This isn’t all he’s done for me, either… he reconstructed some earrings I inherited from my Grandmother and he also mounted my partner’s “OM” medallion on white gold so it would be solid and hang well from a necklace.  Jim is the BEST --- I have no intention of every going to anyone else for my jewelry needs!  I only wish I would have met him earlier.