JB Friedman Designs

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James Friedman has been in the jewelry industry for over 25 years.  Working his way from the manufacturing trenches through all aspects of the business. He has learned that there are no short cuts to quality and integrity.  Here at JB Friedman Designs you will be able to browse through our unique products and designs as well as industry information that will help you make smart decisions when making a jewelry purchase.  We will also work with you to custom design and create your own unique style of jewelry. Whether it’s a diamond purchase, engagement ring, wedding bands, mothers rings, re-design of your old jewelry, men’s, children, or any special occasion we can get it done. And at the very least we would be happy to provide you with any assistance in making sure that you get the best possible deal even if you go elsewhere.

Also Check out our new Category of Hawaiian Heirloom Jewelry.

Our intent is to provide you with a unique product and service that you will continue to come back for to time and again for any jewelry related interests questions and needs.